Review: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

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Going into this book, I was expecting something along the lines of The Hunger Games. A gripping survival story sprinkled with some rebellion. What I got, was not that at all. The story starts off with the main character waking up in an elevator being brought into the Maze. The author gives no backstory as to why there is a maze, why only boys are given to the maze, why they have no recollection of their lives before the Maze, and his language usage is ridiculous. He substitutes curse words with his own words, and as a result of it, it makes the book and him, sound immature. (He has the characters say klunk instead of s**t)
Once inside the Maze, the main character is placed into a “job” with other boys that are in the Maze. Jobs include: butchers, farmers, and Runners. The runners go outside that Maze to see what is out there and to see if they can find an escape. This tried too hard to simulate the Districts from Hunger Games, and epically failed.
The story was supposed to pick up the pace when he introduced the first girl to the Maze. Her arrival shook the foundation of the camp. They had never seen a girl in here before and are wondering what it means. While all this is going on, the main character becomes a runner. He gathers a small party to go explore the outside of the maze.
My final opinion of this book, if you want to read it, go borrow it from your local library. If you enjoy it, go purchase the rest of the series. It tried too hard to be “the next Hunger Games” type of series, and fell horribly flat. It physically pained me to read this book.

Review by Meg Bahr

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